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Corona Crime: Update 2, January 2023 (Podcast)

My third Interview by Richie Allen, January 16, 2023

We discuss the prevailing corona nonsense narrative, the unnecessary, negatively effective, life-threatening COVID injections, my confrontation with the police on April 11th 2020, my abuse by sycophantic psychiatrists, and the bunch of ruling multi-billionaire psychopaths and their many lackeys, narcissistic village idiots.

"Dr. Thomas Binder MD is a popular and successful cardiologist based in Switzerland. Back in 2020, Thomas was one of the first physicians in the world to warn that the mRNA Covid jabs would do more harm than good. He was subjected to breathtaking attacks on his character. He was even sent for psychiatric evaluation, against his will. Thankfully, he is still practicing medicine and taking care of his patients. On today's show, Thomas explains to Richie why he remains convinced that the mRNA jabs are deadly for many people and therefore must be withdrawn. "

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