The Global Corona Crime Against Humanity: Science Against the Suicidal Death Cult

Aktualisiert: 27. Apr 2021

Provisional version - work in progress

The prevailing Corona Narrative:

A Stillborn Eternal Undead

It is nonsense to test symptomatic people for one and only one respiratory virus. It is madness to do this with a hypersensitive unspecific RT-PCR test with Ct threshold >35 without considering Ct value and clinical context and, in case of positivity, complementing highly specific confirmatory test, because the detection of theoretically one SARS-CoV-2 RNA fragment does not prove an infection and certainly not a disease provoked by SARS-CoV-2 or a death caused by COVID. Furthermore, anyone who dies within 28 days of a positive RT-PCR test of whatever cause is designated as "deceased WITH Corona", ostensibly for "international comparability". In my universe, these are not medical malpractices, but criminal acts. And it is the coronation of this already unbelievable insanity to (mass) test even asymptomatic persons in this naughtiness. By the way, the same utter madness can be created with any respiratory virus.

The contemporary human family, Homo sapiens, has been cohabiting successfully with respiratory viruses of the influenza, beta-corona and other families for about 300 000 years, our ancestors for much longer. If (mass) rapid tests, antisocial distancing, quarantine, isolation, contact tracing, masks in the public sphere, school closures and curfews aka lockdowns for asymptomatic persons, formerly called healthy people, were indispensable, we would have extinct millions of years ago. Instead, we call our amazing defence weapon against viruses that are dangerous to us the immune system. It has been perfected over millions of years.

In mid-northern latitudes the "flu season" caused by these respiratory viruses starts in November. Although they mutate permanently - because of their specially organised genome influenza viruses mutate more erratically than beta-corona viruses, the latter always in a way that they become more infectious while less dangerous because they do not "want" to kill us but to cooperate with us - only about 10% of the population fall ill with them each year because of innate / cross-immunity. The seasonal "flu wave" ends in April because of immunity, be it through infection or vaccination, of these approximately 10% susceptible people aka herd immunity. Finally, we learn in medical school that, for a respiratory virus to be spread relevantly by an infected person, there needs to be a pronounced replication of that virus, thus the infection of many body cells, which causes inflammation thus symptoms. The invention of the asymptomatic (super) spreader was another coronation of insanity in the prevailing corona narrative.

Whoever talks about intellectual absurdities like a "second wave" of a respiratory virus, which is a biological impossibility, or "herd immunity can only be achieved through vaccination", a factually false claim that lacks any scientific evidence and any common sense, or even wants to wage war against a respiratory virus, instantly exposes himself as either a totally deluded (by the media), a layperson, a lying psychopath, or a combination thereof.

The prevailing corona narrative was stillborn. Anybody who had called this out already in March was hushed up or defamed at best, brutally arrested by the anti-terrorist unit Argus apparently because unveiling the corona crime was perceived as a threat by some, at worst. As no legal offence was proven - an arrest warrant was never filed with good reason and my gun, that every former first lieutenant of the Swiss army owns, was found stored without ammunition at home for many years - I was psychiatrically detained because of "COVID madness" by a COVID-mad emergency internist. This erroneous decision was overturned by the administrative court of Aargau not before six days. According to the press release on the result of the report of the administ