The prevailing corona nonsense narrative

I studied medicine at the University of Zurich, obtained a doctorate in immunology and virology, specialized in internal medicine and cardiology and have 33 years of experience in diagnosis and therapy of acute respiratory infections, in hospitals, in intensive care units and, for 23 years, in my medical practice.

In February 2020, I sat in my practice and was amazed. What I had learned in medical school, during my scientific training and in my practical medical work was suddenly turned upside down. Anyone who felt even a sore throat, no longer treated himself, to visit his or her GP only if the symptoms got worse, but ran to the nearest hospital with the request to be tested immediately, and with the fear of perhaps having to die, and not only having to die, but perhaps of having to suffocate miserably.

Worldwide, the prevailing corona narrative was established in a very short period. At the same time, humanity was divided into its supporters and opponents. Such an extent of division of the society we have never experienced before. It divides friendships, families, and even partnerships. Such a division is always an expression of the fact that a large part of humanity is not living in reality, but is caught up in a context of delusion imposed by a handful of psychopaths and their many narcissistic lackeys. In such a situation, we must always ask ourselves first: "Am I a realist, or in fact a totally deluded one?" This question can only be answered by looking at reality as soberly as possible.

It is my duty as a doctor to treat my patients to the best of my knowledge. This includes to inform them about their disease in a way that laypeople can understand and make informed decisions about what to do.

In February / March 2020 I realised that it is my duty as a doctor to educate the public about this disease of the whole society, in a way that laypeople can understand and make informed decisions about what to do. I am still doing this, no more but also no less, and nobody and nothing will stop me from continuing to do so.

I confront the myths and intellectual absurdities of the prevailing corona narrative with the scientific evidence. I do this chronologically, and so that also laypeople can understand and make informed decisions as to what further actions seem appropriate, for themselves and for their loved ones.

Scientific references to my statements can be found on the homepages of 'Aletheia – our Swiss network of doctors and scientists for proportionality', of the 'Corman-Drosten Review Report', and of 'Doctors for Covid Ethics', all of which I am a member, and on my simple homepage, which I had created after having been banned from social media.

PCR Testing Epidemic, 2006

As responsible physicians and scientists, in the case of infections diagnosed by quick PCR tests, especially in the context of an alleged epidemic of national or pandemic of international scope, we must always consider the possibility of a pseudo or testing epidemic.

In 2007, the New York Times, virtually the bible of journalists whose integrity they still trusted at the time, publishes an important piece entitled: 'Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn't'.

Dr. Herndon, internist at a medical centre in the U.S. state of New Hampshire, coughs seemingly incessantly for a fortnight starting in mid-April 2006. Soon, an infectious disease specialist has the disturbing idea that this could be the beginning of a pertussis epidemic. By the end of April, other hospital staff are also coughing. Severe, persistent coughing is a leading symptom of whooping cough. And if it is whooping cough, the outbreak must be contained immediately because the disease can be fatal for babies in the hospital and lead to dangerous pneumonia in frail elderly patients.

It is the start of a bizarre episode: the story of an epidemic that wasn’t.

For months, almost everyone involved believes there is a huge whooping cough outbreak at the medical centre with far-reaching consequences. Nearly 1,000 staff members are given a quick PCR test and put on leave from work until the results are in; 142 people, 14.2% of those tested, including Dr. Herndon, are positive on the quick PCR test and diagnosed with pertussis. Thousands, including many children, receive antibiotics and a vaccine as protection. Hospital beds are taken out of service as a precaution, including some in the intensive care unit.

Months later, all those apparently suffering from whooping cough are stunned to learn that bacterial cultures, the diagnostic gold standard for pertussis, could not detect the bacterium that causes whooping cough in any single sample. The whole insanity was a false alarm.