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Why the entire mRNA 'vaccine' platform must be banned

After having censored me, on September 20th the Swiss Medical Journal, the official publication organ of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH) published my first letter to the editor after three years. My letter to the editor of the Swiss Medical Journal (SÄZ) is the response to an interview of Prof Christoph Berger, infectiologist at Zurich Paediatric Hospital and President of the Federal Commission for Vaccination Issues (EKIF).

This is its English translation

Those who can count and distinguish foreign from self, have an advantage

On June 28th, Prof Berger got a stage again, while doctors like me have been ignored since my letter to the editor 'It is not the virus that matters, it is the milieu, individual and societal' of 09/16/2020, in which I had explained the corona narrative.

I may not go into his, once again, completely evidence-free claims here, but would like to explain, in language understandable for laypersons, why the entire mRNA 'vaccine' platform must be banned.

Doctors 'vaccinating' against C-19 inject the construction plan for the production of an antigen foreign to the body, a prodrug, without having any control over which cells express it, at what dose and for how long. Paracelsus said in the 16th century: "The dose alone makes a thing (not) a poison". Already because the effective dose of the expressed foreign protein is unknown and varies greatly between individuals, mRNA 'vaccines' should never have been approved.

Worse: The cells that express the protein foreign to the body and then present it on their surface are falsely recognised by the immune system as being foreign or infected by an alien, thus are destroyed in an autoimmune attack similar to transplant rejection. If it was only expressed by skeletal muscle cells capable of regeneration, this would not be problematic. But the LNPs are chosen in such a way that they introduce the mRNA into any body cell, including those of the heart, brain, embryo and fetus.

Worse: As physiological doses did not induce a relevant immune response, a horrendous dose of mRNA was chosen, which can lead to the destruction not only of a few, but of so many cells that this can cause serious illness and death.

Worse: The chosen antigen and LNPs are themselves toxic.

The apex of insanity: Kevin McKernan found contamination with up to a third of functional bacterial plasmid DNA from the manufacturing process, which explains the spike expression over years detected by pathologists. Finally, it has not been ruled out yet that the DNA can be integrated into the genome and even be inherited by offspring.

Should not better a layperson equipped with some common sense finally preside over the Federal Commission for Vaccination Issues?

Dr Thomas Binder, MD, Baden, Switzerland

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