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An allegedly crazed cardiologists view on the prevailing corona nonsense narrative

Talk at the WFA congress, Copenhagen, November 26th

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Eric M
Eric M
Jan 27, 2022

Ausgezeichnet, Dr Binder, danke!

I'll write in English now that I know you speak it much better than I speak German. That was an excellent summary of how the world came to go mad. For a year and a half now I have been trying to provide this perspective to people I know, but it is nearly impossible to get them to suspend the prevailing narrative in their minds for a minute and consider the possibility that everything hinges on the redefinition of "pandemic" and the marketing of the notion that there is one, and on the scam of mass testing with PCR.

Gut gemacht, Kopf hoch, und weiter mit dem Kampf!

Eric Martinson

Wellfleet, MA, USA

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